About Xnet Mobile

Xnet is an independent software development company (ISV) and technology center for a wide spectrum of solutions in the area of data communications and digital networks, especially in the enterprise sector.

The Xnet team is a blend of highly experienced, young, talented and creative IT professionals from different countries and backgrounds.

Our company culture encourages professionalism, creative thinking and knowledge sharing. One of the keys to our success is collaboration with our customers, unleashing creativity to innovate and release new solutions.

Work from Home (WfH)

Work from Anywhere (WfA)

Remote Access (RA)

Remote Maintenance (RM)

Network Security

Remote Factory (RF - Industrial plants)

Remote Powertrain (EV - electrical vehicle)

Remote Lab (RL - Biotech, C-19 lab)

Multimedia (POS retail, MFT)

Wireless Networks (WiFi)

Network Management (NMS)




Real-Time, Point-to-Point


From Anywhere on Earth


Lowest Entry Requirements

X21 Remote Services

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