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Enabling anytime, anywhere secure Remote Workforce The cloud and mobile first world is changing how employees work. Applications, IT infrastructure, and people are moving outside of the network security perimeter. This shift requires IT leaders to think beyond the limits of legacy architectures.

Enterprises need to cut costs, improve user experience, and lower business security risk. Through local internet breakouts secured with Xnet’s X21Remote Platform, they can reduce the costs of VPN/MPLS backhaul and improve application performance and user experience as well as improve security through consistent company-wide access policies. Zero trust allowed users to go directly to the Microsoft Azure hubs rather than backhauling traffic through legacy data centers.

Work from Home, Work from anywhere

Working remotely is the new normal. Enterprises have transitioned overnight to full-time remote workforce, meaning robust remote access solutions are now a business requirement.The pandemic has accelerate a rise in remote working for knowledge based organizations. This has notable benefits:

Companies can save on real estate costs

hire talents globally amid COVID-19

mitigate immigration or cross-border issues

experience productivity gains

The Limitations of Existing VPNs 

As organizations move to remote work, they’re using traditional VPN solutions. This leaves them vulnerable to attack. VPNs have numerous drawbacks: 

Risk of lateral movement in the network 

Lack of visibility and reporting on VPN traffic flows 

Lack of segmentation 

Missing the layers of security required for enterprise 

Opens enterprise network at home office for intruders 

Remote access users are typically placed directly onto the internal network, which means that compromised end user machines can potentially access the entire corporate network. 

X21 Benefits

Xnet’s X21Remote was designed from the ground-up to solve the challenges in remote access and offers: 

Lightware connectivity from home or anywhere 

Eliminates the need for VPN 

Identity-based policies based on users, regions, devices, apps, and other contextual data 

Seamless and centralized revision-control auditing and reporting 

Fast & Easy Implementation

For rapid onboarding Xnet’s X21Remote offers: 

Remote Control of Desktop-PC in the office 

Remote Virtual App 

Remote Virtual Desktop 

Platform X21 supports both client-based and browser-based access 

Industrial Sector

Industrial Environment 

For industrial environment Xnet’s X21Remote offers: 

Remote Factory 

Remote Lab 

Remote Working 

X21 supports both client-based and browser-based access 

Vendor/Device Agnostic 

One Access - All vendors 

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Xnet The New Age of Mobility

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Gas & Oil Sector

Natural Gas and Oil Rig Remote Control

A shift to operating oil rigs remotely from land has been accelerated by the COVID-19 crisis and lower crude prices. The rig in oil and gas field most of the time has no crew. The production is managed in a control room in the service and operation center, or amid coronavirus, from home office as well. Its operators have to spend only two weeks offshore every year to make sure they are familiar with the rig.

Moving workers from offshore installations allows oil companies to save on helicopter transport and the extra payments workers receive for being offshore. The remote control solution ensures that workers on the platforms can take over control if needed, with emergency response available nearby. Mechanical switches has been installed at the rig, allowing the workers to switch remote control off, any time if needed or in case of emergency, manually.

Source: SHELL Oil Company

Gas & Oil Sector

Gas Stations - Remote Maintenance

X21Remote for Gas Stations Enables remote supervision of operations and troubleshooting. Remote Maintenance of fuel dispensers, payment terminals,  forecourt control devices, back-office-PC, Point-Of-Sale,  Multimedia, menuboard screens, Out-Door Displays, measurement and station control systems.

Source: SHELL Oil Company

Gas & Oil Sector


Shell’s plan to roll out 500,000 electric charging stations in just four years is the latest sign of an EV charging infrastructure boom that has prompted investors to pour cash into the industry and inspired a few companies to become public companies in search of the capital needed to meet demand.

Royal Dutch Shell Group, one of the largest publicly traded oil producers in the world, just laid out its plan for how the company will survive in a zero-emission, climate conscious world. It’sa plan that rests on five main pillars that include the massive rollout of electric vehicle charging stations; a greater emphasis on lubricants, chemicals and bio fuels; the development of a significantly larger renewable energy generation portfolio and carbon offset plan; the continued development of hydrogen and natural gas assets while slashing oil production by 1% to 2% per year; and investing heavily in carbon capture and storage.

Source: SHELL Oil Company

Xnet Remote Operations

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Remote Mining Sector

Remote Equipment Monitoring

The mining industry is complex and requires a diverse, sophisticated range of machinery and equipment.  Capital expenditures are high requiring close attention to the utilization and productivity of mine equipment in order to maximize capital efficiency.  

Whether it’s monitoring brake heat temperatures or monitoring engine data to ensure equipment is running at peak performance, everything that affects the operations and cost to maintain equipment needs to be considered.

A growing sector of our business comes from the mining industry- specifically relating to mine haul trucks, wheel loaders, and dozers. The trucks are expensive (approximately $5M - $10M US dollars) to acquire, operate and maintain, which makes it critically important to monitor and manage every nuance of their operation.

Most mining operations have management plans and software systems for managing production, maintaining and servicing equipment, and providing safe mine operations. However, there is an evolution happening in industrial environments such as mining.  

Technology innovation is bringing things such as Machine Learning, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) to these industries with the promise of higher production, lower operating costs, improved performance, optimized operations and more.  In order to take advantage of this technology evolution, you need access to data.
Data generated by your machines and equipment can provide useful business intelligence. For example, having the engine on a large dump truck tell you that it’s losing compression on a cylinder or that the engine might be trending towards a failure in some aspect. Giving the management and service teams time to prepare for down time rather than letting the machine force it on them.

Industrial Environment

Remote Lab

X21remote is making it easy to explore and implement secure solutions for working from anywhere.Run any instrument in any lab remotely.

Speed up time to service and reduce opex with remote software accessIncrease efficiency by sharing resources across multiple geographically remote sites