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Powertrain automotive



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Remote PowerTrain Automotive

For the last century, the automotive industry has been dominated by internal combustion engines. Their flexibility of application, driving range, performance and sporty characteristics has resulted in several generations of this technology and has formed generations of engineers. But that is not the end of the story.

Increasing concerns about environmental issues, such as global warming and pollutant emissions, as well as the predicted scarcity of oil supplies have made energy efficiency and reduced pollutant emissions a primary selling point for automobiles. As a result, the design of vehicle powertrain becomes more challenging since it has to achieve these additional targets, without compromising other performance such as power, torque or fun to drive. 


The ever more stringent global CO2 and pollutant emission regulations imply that the optimization of conventional powertrains can only provide partial reductions in fleet emissions. Vehicle manufacturers are therefore responding by increasing the electrification of their powertrain portfolios. This in turn, results in higher levels of electrification of the individual powertrain units. The increase in electric power leads to a comprehensive range of possible technologies — from 48 V mild hybrids to pure electric concepts. The powertrain topology and the configuration of the electrical components of a hybrid powertrain play a decisive role in determining the overall efficiency when considering the individual market requirements. 

Green Energy 

The trend of green energy industry is prevailing in the industrial design and development of vehicles. Therefore, electric vehicles focusing on low energy consumption and zero pollutant emission have become the development direction of the future. 

X21Remote Lab 

provides the following features:

Supports PC Equipment, Sensors, Video and Voice

From distant Powertrain facility to any office or home

Therefore allows work from anywhere 

Therefore allows following the sun 24/7 development 

Teams from Europe, United States and Asia are working 

on a single one test facility remotely 

Eliminates COVID-19 restricted visits on site 

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