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Industrial Producers

Remote Factory - a System Designed for Industrial Customers

Xnet Remote Factory

Remote Factory is a software  that allows secure remote access to industrial automation equipment.

Implementation of the Remote Factory solution by Xnet Mobile enables secure cooperation of the OT world with the IT world by centrally managing the work of administrators, while retaining the existing work tools of service technicians, at the same time providing full control of their actions with the possibility of immediate, mechanical cutting off their remote access.

Mechanical session control ( permitting, disconnecting, enabling

Recording of remote service actions

Central access rights management (integration with used directory services)

Integration of remote work tools in use

Connecting (addressing) devices in production (OT environment) to the computer network (IT environment)

Improving communication between M2M machines, the operator and the service

Industry Security Problem

For security reasons (possible sabotage, espionage, production losses), industrial automation (OT) has historically been isolated from the computer network (IT). As a result, remote service access is completely impossible, resulting in delayed and very expensive on-site OT service that is ultimately completely out of control. The isolation of OT from IT makes it impossible to implement Industry 4.0.

A challenge in the factory environment

In the OT world, there are strict health and safety rules, which means that control of remote maintenance must be in the hands of someone on the shop floor, preferably directly at the machine.
Second, because of the tremendous value of OT devices and their long life cycle, integration into the IT world must be done without replacing them, with a diversity of OT service tools - transparently.

Main Purpose

Xnet Remote Factory solution provides the following features:

Optimize Costs

Outsourcing Control

Secure Remote Access


Archiving of recorded sessions

Multifactor authentication

Remote access automation

Possibility of mechanical cutting off access to network

Xnet Remote Factory

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